About us

The Danish Dyslexia Association

The Danish Dyslexia Association is an organisation that focuses its efforts on providing help and guidance to more than 300.000 dyslexics and their relatives.

Our aim

The aim of the association is to:

  • Protect the interests of people with dyslexia in front of the authorities and the public.
  • Work towards a general recognition of dyslexia and to disseminate information about conditions and opportunities for dyslexic people.

The organisation

The Danish Dyslexia Association was founded in 1943 and has ever since worked closely together with ministries, politicians, professionals, public institutions, advocacy groups, companies, and others.

The association is nation-wide and operates in 13 local branches across the country. The local branches make an immense effort to offer various activities – from political work to social and professional events for dyslexics. In your local branch, you will, therefore, meet equal people who know what it is like living with dyslexia.


As a member of the Danish Dyslexia Association, you will contribute to our efforts to improve conditions for people with dyslexia. Together, we can impact the public debate, break down taboos and create equal opportunities for dyslexic people.

When you become a member of the association, you will join an active community where you can meet and converse with like-minded dyslexic people. We know how important it is to receive support from people who are familiar with the challenges of dyslexia, and we are stronger when we stand together.

Being a member, you will not only receive guidance, information about your opportunities and help regarding how to live with dyslexia. With a membership, you will also be part of making a big difference for people with dyslexia in Denmark so that our association can provide help to even more families that are affected by dyslexia.

If you are interested in learning more about the organisation or becoming a member, you are more than welcome to contact our administration.

Contact information

Phone: +45 36 75 10 88

E-mail: kontor@ordblind.org

Postal adresse:

Ordblinde/Dysleksiforeningen i Danmark

Blekinge Boulevard 2

2630 Taastrup